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of the commonwealth of virginia to the best of my ability, so help me god. congratulations. [applause] >> the oath of office will now be administered to the lieutenant governor elect by the honorable glenn a tyler, retired judge of the second judicial circuit of virginia. [applause] >> are you prepared to take the oath? >> yes, sir, i am. >> would you raise your right hand, placed your a 10 on the bible, help -- held by your wife's hand, acquired by the virginia military economy, and repeat after me -- i, ralph s northam, do solemnly swear that i will uphold the constitution of the united states of america and the constitution of the commonwealth of virginia and that i will faithfully and impartially discharge all of the duties incumbent upon me as lieutenant governor of the commonwealth of virginia according to the best of my ability, so help me god. congratulations. [applause] >> the oath of office will now be administered to the governor elect, the honorable terence r mcauliffe. [applause] by the honorable cynthia kinzer, chief justice of the supreme court of virginia. [applause] >> are you rea
bless america" will now be performed by the virginia state university gospel chorale under the direction of mr. james holden, jr. and under the choreographry of mr. perry a. evans ii. ♪ >> ♪ while the storm clouds gather far across the sea while the storm clouds gather far across the sea let us swear allegiance to a land that's free let us all be grateful for a land so fair as we raise our voices in a solemn prayer god bless america, land that i love stand beside her and guide her through the night with a light from above from the mountains to the prairies to the oceans white with foam god bless america my home sweet home god bless america my home sweet home ♪ >> [all] ♪ god bless america land that i love stand beside her and guide her through the night with a light from above from the mountains to the prairies to the oceans white with foam god bless america my home sweet home god bless america my home sweet home ♪ [cheers and applause] >> reverend everly ashburn, pastor at friendship that just church -- baptist church. ok, how about this? ok, stay right there. >> let us pray.
. >> tonight on c-span, the inauguration ceremony for the newly-elected governor of virginia, taffle. followed by our book notes program with former israeli prime minister ariel sharon, who died today after eight years in a coma. then remarks my -- by howard dean. then marco rubio speaks about income inequality. >> the deadline's approaching for c-span's student cam video competition, open to middle and high school students, answering the question, what's the most important issue congress should address this year? there is $100,000 in total prizes with a grand prize of $5,000. entries are due january 20. get more infob at studentcam do -- student >> governor taffle was sworn in today in rich mand. he defeated attorney general ken cuccinelli. clinton the presidential campaigns. the ceremony runs about an hour. >> beautiful day. >> good to see you. it was our privilege to work with terry. great privilege. >> welcome you and everything. >> your team is great. >> martin, hear that? you were spectacular. great job, everyone! >> you remember all the kids? >> i do. jack back there. >> goo
honor than being the governor of virginia. serving with you the last four years has been the greatest for special opportunity of my nearly 60 years of life. and so tonight i offer my profound thanks to the people of virginia for their confidence when they elected me to this office four years ago. and average middle-class kid from fairfax county getting up again to sit in the same seat of patrick henry and thomas jefferson. the american dream is still alive. i tried my very best come up with spectacular teamwork, with you, to serve you well. i think we've achieved many good things together for the 8 million people of the commonwealth. where some have hoped for conflict, instead we worked together to forge consensus. where some i do prefer to sound bites to solutions, we more frequently chose results over rhetoric. i'm a conservative like many of you. i strongly believe these are the principles that are right for america. some of you are moderates. some of your progresses, and i know you believe just as deeply in your ideas as idea. but i think what's important is that before we ascribe
to you at home. when it rains, it pours. former governor bob mcdonnell of virginia and his wife, the first lady of virginia, maureen mcdonnell, have today been indicted by federal prosecutors on more than a dozen felony charges. if they are convicted of those charges and they face the maximum penalties allowed by law, they could be looking at decades in jail and fines of over $1 million. this is a story that we have been covering from the very beginning. our first coverage of this scandal was back in early april of last year. but, you know what, credit where credit is due. one of those key reporters is going to be here in just a moment to talk about this story. and also some key parts of the story were broken by "the richmond times-dispatch". and those papers and reporters deserve the credit for staying on this bob mcdonnell story in the face of months of denials and stonewalling by that government, and also, frankly, staying on this story in the face of the cynical, dismissal of this story by much of the national press corps, who too often swallow the made-up excuse from the go
of thousands of people of west virginia now plagued by contaminated water. the governor of west virginia standing by live. i'll speak with him. that's coming up. >>> and should west virginians be concerned about their actual health? an environmental lawyer whose story was the inspiration for a major film starring john travolta standing by to weigh in. she keeps you on your toes. you wouldn't have it any other way. but your erectile dysfunction - it could be a question of blood flow. cialis tadalafil for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right. you can be more confident in your ability to be ready. and the same cialis is the only daily ed tablet approved to treat ed and symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently or urgently. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-
on c-span radio and at the virginia governor's inauguration ceremony took place in a rainy richmond virginia where democrat terry mcauliffe was sworn in saturday as the state 72nd governor. he comes to office after defeating republican state attorney general ken cuccinelli in a close election last november and succeeds outgoing governor bob mcdonnell. attendees, former president bill clinton and secretary of state hillary clinton. of hillarycochair clinton's 2008 presidential race. he is also the former chair of the democratic national committee. the summer -- ceremony is just under an hour. >> fema -- the honorable mark r herring and family. [applause] >> the gentleman from colonial heights, mr. cox. >> mr. president, i have the honor to present the lieutenant governor elect, the honorable ralph northam. [cheers and applause] >> the gentleman from colonial heights, mr. cox. >> mr. president, on behalf of the inaugural committee, i have the honor to present the governor elect, the honorable terence r. mcauliffe and family. [cheers and applause] >> the joint assem
'm mike hydeck. we have a lot of equipment on standby. 4000 pieces in northern virginia alone. hundreds all over the place. they're going to need it. >> those guys are napping. we don't need them yet. but in a few hours, they'll be doing their thing. western maryland, amy in flinestone. she's seeing flakes already. it's coming. just give yourself a few hours here in the metro. let's talk about the storm which is going to be giving us one of the biggest snows in years around here. you can see the snow increasing across parts of kentucky and west virginia. and the finger of snow along the mason dixon line. and the flakes being seen in allegany county and garrett county in southern pa. they're going to sew the most snow. they're going to see it earlier. 6 to 9 inches in the dark blue which covers the northern half of our viewing area. 4 to 7 in general. well south, you'll see a little less. maybe 2 to 4 in maryland toward the northern neck. and the richmond area. a hefty snow, nonetheless. as far as the day is concerned, temperatures will be dropping. especially north and west, will be see
. here are tonight's top stories. west virginia's governor says tap water is safe in his state once again. last week a chemical leak contaminated the water supply, it's still in the water but is down to safe levels. >>> authorities say chris christie misused hurricane sandy relief funds. >>> detroit may not have to use its collection of art to pay debts. a southwest airplane is back in flight after an overnight stay at a tiny missouri airport. the boeing 737 landed at the wrong place yesterday, was stranded on a small runway, no one was hurt, the airline and the faa are investigating. those are the headlines. america tonight is next. remember you can always get the latest on i'll see you later on tonight. >> on america tonight. water restrictions slowly lifting for weary residents in west virginia. a long road and many unanswered questions. what went wrong in chemical valley. >> this could have been prevented. the containment, if this was receipted by the state it wouldn't have happened. >> plastic in paradise. an ecosystem in disaster. we take you inside the battle to keep
weeks, most others to 63 weeks.eks virginia, vermont, new hampshire, and several other unemploymentow weeks. 40 weeks to 42 those extensions expired last month, they all dropped to 26 weeks or fewer. kelly, prescott, arizona, independent calling in. talking about unemployment benefits. wondering how long is too long for folks to receive this? how about we start -- they start asking people how long is too long? host: that is what we are asking viewers today, what do you think? should it be an individual decision? caller: yeah. ask them how long is too long, what would you do if you could. what are your skills, what are your talents, let's start asking people. there needs to be a census. that is just the beginning. anything like that to even avoid -- there is no reason for unemployment, it has gone on too long. host: kelly in arizona. george from virginia on our line for independents. good morning. caller: yeah. i think a year would be long enough for anyone. i know this from experience. wheni was on unemployment i lost my job, i laid on it until i could not get another nickel. the same
office would no longer defend virginia's ban on gay marriage. elections have consequences. sometimes really, really blunt consequences. now it's time for "the last word" with lawrence o'donnell. >> the rnc winter meeting. >> will the ghost of past election defeats haunt their efforts? >> eventually republicans will come around. >> a kinder, gentler brand. >> who is the leader? who is the voice for the republican party? >> that's a good question. >> speaker boehner maz to get something for the caucus. >> we're here to bring fiscally responsible leadership. >> remember why we're here. we're here to win elections. >> let's talk first about the broad change of strategy. >> wernd not defought on our debt. we should get close to it. >> some folks aren't crazy enough to start that thing all over again. >> he says he's not going to raise it for nothing. >> strategizing for 2014. >> the administration gets its debt limit increase and the american people get their spending cuts. >> will the ghost of past election defeats haunt their efforts? >> we should not default on our debt. we
1/2 and martinsburg, west virginia, 6 inches. how much is going to fall? we'll stand by this. 4 to 6 inches. less to the south and east. maybe 2 to 4 inches in southern maryland and to the north, gaithersburg, 6 to 9 inches. in fact, most of that has fallen. temperatures, that's going to be the big story in the wake of this. 18 in gaithersburg. 25 downtown. 23 in manassas and you factor in the winds, it now feels like it's 9 downtown. single digits and the windchills downtown. 4 in frederic. we'll come back and talk about a windchill advisory in just a bit. monica. >> topper, it's icy, it's tricky. the sun has gone down. the cooler temperatures are creating these icy, slippery conditions all around the metropolitan area and look at the traffic feature behind me on our ipad app and all these black lines that you see here on the beltway north of town and out here on 66 coming inbound as well. very slow and heavy traffic. in fact, stopped traffic because of these icy conditions. i'm going to first tell you about what is going on around town with live pictures. there was a crash on
mcauliffe will be sworn in as virginia's next governor. we will have live coverage of the inauguration ceremony beginning at 12:05 eastern on c- span. the house ended the week by passing a bill that would require the federal government to report security breaches on its website. members will be turning their attention to a short-term spending measure this week that will keep the government funded past january 15, which is when expiresding authority for the federal government. the senate will continue to work on the bill extending unemployment benefits that expired in december for more than a million people. for more on those items and what to expect next week, we talked to a reporter covering capitol hill. >> as congress wraps up its first full week and gets set for another full week of legislative action, the headline on "national journal" is unemployment deal falls flat, putting senate back in irons. one of the authors joins us from phone, michael catalini. where do things stand on the unemployment bill in the senate? >> on monday the senate comes back at 2:00 and we e
reaching effect on the area. >> get ready for the freezing temps. >> plus a storm in virginia politics far from winding down. >> i will use every available resource and advocate that i have to fight and prevail against these false allegations. >> former virginia governor bob mcdonnell says federal prosecutors are stretching the law and the 14 count indictment against him and his wife. good evening, everybody. i'm jan jeffcoat. >> i'm bruce johnson in for derek mcginty. >>> we battled snow all day long and overnight it's going to dim down to the single digits. some classes are canceled tomorrow. >> we have crews across the area, but first let's get the very latest on the weather from first alert meteorologist topper shutt. >> good news, bad news. good news, the snow is moving out, bad news, the cold air is really moving in. most of the accumulating snow is confined essentially into southern maryland and the northern neck, a few flurries back into parts of montgomery county and the district, but now we're looking at primarily all the snow east of i-95. outside on our weather terrace it's dri
. the city of charleston, west virginia, now considering the lawsuit against the company responsible for the chemical spill that tainted the water. and people around the country taking a day off to remember a king. >> there are concerns today that the syrian peace talks may be over before they begin. united nations has now invited iran to the conference set for geneva in switzerland. opposition groups say that is a none starter and they're threatening to pull out. secretary general ban ki-moon he addressing the situation. >> i will have more to say about this situation in a day. for a moment let my appear again for all involved to keep the needs of the syrian people foremost in mind. >> meanwhile it will day one in the newell deal o nuclear deal t the deal overshadowed over the late breaking developments regarding syria. >> reporter: ban ki-moon has finally invited iran to the party. >> that iran would play a positive and constructive role. therefore, as convener and host of the process i have invited iran to participate. >> reporter: a year and a half after the first syrian meeting
was planning on being closed for a teacher professional day. in virginia, that includes arlington county, fairfax county, loudoun county. arlington also was planning on being closed today. >> we have been talking about what do you do because the snow is going to come so late in the day. a lot of the districts decided it wasn't worth the risk and closed down today. >> thankfully. >> we are on storm watch and have live team coverage talking about how local crews are preparing for the snow. >> things already moving into western maryland. s most of the area will start to see the snowfall mid to late this morning. we are under a wirpt storm warning. this is going to hit us hard throughout the day today and the peak of the storm comes between noon and 6:00. there is not enough time to get the kids out this morning and bring them back home before the storm begins. some light snow showers or flurries are beginning to push into western maryland trying to sneak into hagerstown and martinsburg. take a look at the broader scope, there you can see the clipper system out of the midwest through the ohi
the safety of water in charleston, west virginia as the owner of the company responsible creates another company after filing for bankruptcy. new allegations of dirty politics by the new jersey governor's staff, a may or now says hurricane sandy relief money was held hostage. a drought emergency in california, how it could sour the state's wine industry. >> after much stalling and intense pressure from the united states, syria's main rebel group has agreed to attend next week's peace conference in switzerland. 75 coalition managers voted inestanbul. the majority favored attending the talks. it will be the first face to face meeting between the assad regime and the coalition since the civil war began in 2011. the talks are scheduled to begin on wednesday. nina mcnaught has the latest >> reporter: it was supposed to be conducted by a show of hands. in the end, they opted for secret battles, so devisive, so con tentious has this become. when the votes were counted, we have an overwhelming vote yes in support of the coalition d delegation to participate in discussions with the assad. regime
. with yesterday being the day when the virginia governor was arraigned on charges. where did for jenny a fall on your integrity index as we show our viewers the front page of dispatchichmond times with governor bob mcdonnell appearing in court in this corruption case? guest: virginia ranked 47th out of the 50 states. we found that virginia lacked a lot of the systems and many other states had to ferret out corruption. of nine states without any sort of ethics commission. disclosure was poor for legislators and the freedom of information laws in virginia were week. host: were the headline surprising for you? guest: not really. as you might expect, we got some pushback from those states that got an f. in virginia, so that pushback had to do with the so-called virginia way. bipartisanship and smooth relations and a relative dearth of formal corruption cases. we were looking back at corruption risk to ferret out corruption or malfeasance or ethical absence. then you are unlikely to find a lot of cases. host: for viewers who want to follow along with the state integrity project, they can go to sta
be the story through the next few hours. everything will consolidate off the coast of southeast virginia as the major the pressure continues to wind up. that will eventually take all of the snow offshore that it will bring in stronger wind and that will open the door to colder temperatures as we go later tonight. strong wind will be developing around the region over the next several hours. you will hear them as the wind starts to crank up. windy and cold will be the big story. the air temperature in the single digits. crews have other chemicals to help a but again the big story, the legacy will be the blowing and drifting of the snow and the cold air. right now the temperature is 25. when the storm intensifies, temperatures will drop and the windchill will go along with them. right now it is 11 above in the city. as far as the timeline of what we expect, it all starts at the top of the hour with the windchill advisory and that is going to continue all the way through tomorrow morning as temperatures continue to tumble in the wind becomes very strong. a lot more in a few minutes. >> some
for punitive damages. >>> don't drink the water. that is what the governor is saying in west virginia. contaminated tap water resources in some places and now a state of emergency is in effect. west virginia american water believes the material is indeed hazardous but not lethal. the warning impacts about 100,000 customers, including boone, putnam, lincoln, logan, clay, reason and jackson counties. >> after the governor declared a state of emergency, residents in west virginia rushed out to the stores, buying up all the water they could. >> you can't live without water. >> reporter: dwayne rains and many others hit the grocery store with that same thought on their minds. when he got there, the water was gone. >> i have a buggy full of ice up here. >> reporter: others, like chuck nicholas, were a bit luckier with their search. >> i needed milk. honestly. and i got some ice cream. so while i was here i picked up the water. >> reporter: and even some will consider traveling. >> i'm thinking about maybe driving to beckley tomorrow. >> reporter: storewise, they are hoping to get a shipment
investigated by the state legislature, unlike new jersey, this corruption scandal in virginia has never had other politicians involved at all, at least in the legislature, the legislature never investigated governor mcdonnell. they never formed an inquiry into the allegations. bob mcdonnell is a republican, and it is republicans who control the virginia legislature, and whether or not that's why they stayed out of this whole thing or whether it was just a sequence of events after the fbi started their federal investigation last spring, one big contrast between these concurrent scandals in new jersey and virginia is that in virginia, there really has been no occasion for the other parts of state government to weigh-in on this scandal at all. to be part of sorting it out, or to decide whether they would side with the governor or not. he's been denying this thing already. they haven't had to say whether they've been siding with bob mcdonnell, they've been declining comment. that sort of has to change now, because today is day one of the full scale push back against the federal charges that hav
. 300,000 people still without fresh water in west virginia. the governor says he now sees a light at the end of the tunnel. plus an historic constitutional fight over the balance of power between the president and the senate. a-rod swinging back at his critics. lawyers for the yankee slugger alex rodriguez plans to fight his year-long suspension in federal court. >> west virginia's governor is expected to speak shortly on the water situation in his state and we'll bring you that live when it happens. residents may soon be able to use their tap water again but contamination levels aren't low enough to lift the ban on drinking and washing. jonathan, i guess my question if not for drinking and washing, what can the tap water be used for? >> really the only thing they're allowed to use the water for is flushing. that's the only thing the officials say its safe for. at this point we're expecting the governor to give us an update soon but as of this minute the word is residents are not supposed to use their tap water. the good news there is water available. there is a lot of bottled wat
a winter storm warning for the entire area, and most of the state of virginia and entire state of maryland and west virginia and delaware, and so it is a major storm making its way our way and not just snow. v.j.? >> well, that is right. we are saying that the temperatures are going to be dropping in a hurry with the system. we will get the snow to shovel and the slick roads, but also the winds to pick up as this system gets in here during the afternoon hours, and during the evening hours, and in fact, at the height of the storm, we could see the storms heighten. we will be cold and windy at around 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. and the windchill temperatures will be headed down under freezing. and under zero in fact. >> yes. >> and we are talking about the bitterly cold weather, and it comes in as a clipper, and becomes a nor'easter, and storm team 4 will keep can you posted. >> and doug says that it continues with the latest on the road from the run at the gas pumps to the rush to get the major roads treated. and adam tuss is live at virginia with the work already under way. adam? >> well, the road c
the latest on these topics. just ahead the former governor of virginia. he and his wife have been and i get the feds say these legally accepted gifts from a wealthy donor is this government corruption or politics as usual will dive into that hat the company behind can see crunch the candy crime saga has trademarked the word candy and then the tech companies from using the word in other games clothing almost everywhere else but to really own the word candy more on that later. michelle is a fan. yet the wet day in january to twenty seconds five pm here in washington d c. i'm liz longer watching rt america. begin today with the latest on the conflict in syria. efforts to find a peaceful resolution in the bloody civil war hit a roadblock today at the geneva to talks in switzerland the last call for presentation on assets that down to me and a three year war that has resulted in over a hundred thousand deaths but syria's foreign minister accused other nations of funding extremism in the country and said only the people of syria can decide the fates of the country. bart's igor piston opted in swi
trying to determine what caused a house fire in northern virginia. the fire broke out before 11:00 last night on a house on lake jackson drive off prince william parkway in manassas. firefighters say they saw the fire coming from the chimney. these are pictures posted on the manassas volunteer fire department's facebook page. the fire is out. no word on any injuries. >>> two high-profile trials begin in our area today. one is a manslaughter trial for the man charged in the death of a prince george's county police officer. prosecutors say kanan neil led police officers on a chase. the man behind the wheel of adrian morris. he lost control and crashed and later died from his injuries. >>> also today, albrecht muth's murder trial is beginsing. he's accused of killing his wife in their georgetown home 2.5 years ago. he told police his 91-year-old wife fell. the medical examiner says she was beaten and strangled. muth's lawyers claimed he was not competent to stand trial. the judge disagreed. muth won't even be at the trial. he has often refused to eat and is in the hospital weighing just 92
,000 people in west virginia after a chemical spill contaminated the water supply there. this is happening in nine counties surrounding the state capital of charleston. the spill is near the elk river which leads to the water supply. people are urged not to drink, bathe, cook, or wash their clothing. the chemical is a foaming agent used in the coal preparation process. the white house has approved funding for emergency declaration. >>> and this morning virginia state senator creigh deeds is breaking his silence. he's speaking publicly for the first time since his son stabbed him and took his own life. he tells "the recorder" about some of his injuries including losing part of his tongue and losing feeling on his right side. they've increased the emergency custody period to 24 hours and track the number of beds in psychiatric facilities, two things that could have prevented his son gus's attack. he says, quote, sometime that night gus determined i was evil and needed to die. he goes on to say he's determined to fix the state's mental health system. >>> a federal judge is hearing arguments f
:00. >> a dangerous day of heavy snow. abc 7 is in every corner of the region, from virginia, to the district thomas and maryland. dangerously cold temperatures. lots of schools are closing. washington, d.c. public schools. fairfax county. montgomery county. >> some are operating on a few hour delay for tomorrow. you can get a complete listing of closings and delays on your screen. what is in store for overnight and tomorrow morning. doug? >> that is moving out. the winds are starting to pick up. 10 inches of snow. gaithersburg 8. 3. a healthy snowfall. we talk about the winds and the cold. 19 degrees at quantico. 19 in annapolis. the wind chills are down lower and lower. above ine two degrees dulles. temperatures are headed down all night long. the entire region is under a wind chill advisory until noon tomorrow. what will you see when you wake up in the morning? you will see some sunshine. it will be windy and cold. between 2es will be and 12 above. between five and 20 degrees below zero. we will be lucky if we hit 14, 15, or 16 degrees. >> doug, thank you. and maryland, crews are struggling to de
. that is prompting school closings and delays. cancellations in virginia. -- we will bring you any updates to this list as we receive them. >> the federal office of personnel matters is preparing for layoffs. our news partner says they will cut 300 jobs nationwide in its human resources solutions office. that is effective this march. they are blaming budget cuts. >> for genius attorney general says he cannot and will not defend the state's constitutional ban on same-sex marriage. he says he will join the fight to have the measure struck down. roomt lyles is in the lose -- is in the newsroom. >> usually the state attorney general is defending lawsuits against the state. mark haring is not. inis joining the women here the lawsuit against virginia. i am married in d.c.. i go home, and i don't think that is right. virginia notuing just for the right to marry, but to secure the benefits straight couples enjoy. [inaudible] >> their lawsuit may have just received a boost on the state top attorney. same-sex couple ban violates the equal protection clauses of the 13th amendment of the constitution.
that do to the officials in, say, virginia, when they have to deal with this issue? >> well, i'd not be surprised with both essentially the federal push towards raising the minimum wage, and now with governor terry mcauliff in virginia, if there weren't an additional push to move virginia clo closer to where the district is. >> and we spoke with one virginia legislator on the hill tonight, and he says he is speaking to a lot of small biz pness owners who say, that there has to be room for the entry level job, andle is of the minimum wage jobs are not meant to be carried on throughout a lifetime, and the businesses need to have it set aside to start a lower wage to the start and then increase. >>> thank you, chris. and let us mention that chris is the newest member of the team coming over from c nshnn. and well come, bro. >> no well come cake or balloons? >> wait, until you come back to the station, because you don't know what is going to wait for you. >> and out there in the capitol hill today in the cold, and maybe tomorrow, a water main. well come. >> well come. >> and you ca
to an ice storm warning for parts of our area including loudoun county in virginia and frederick county, maryland. storm team four meteorologist amelia segal is joining us tonight. how long is this warning supposed to last? >> the ice storm warning will go until 9:00 p.m. this includes leesburg, frederick, westminster and hagerstown. in addition to that a freezing rain advisory still in effect for areas in pink including montgomery and northern fauquier counties. this freezing rain advisory expires at 7:00 p.m. for northern frerk and montgomery county. further counties to the north the freezing rain advisory will expire at 9:00. then a wind chill watch goes into effect 6:00 p.m. through noon tuesday for wind chills as low as 20 to 30 degrees below zero. on storm team 4 radar i'm continuing to track scattered rain with pockets of freezing rain. again this freezing rain lasts until about 9:00 p.m. tonight. more rain headed our way tomorrow. i'll be timing out the rain and the big temperature drop in about 15 minutes, erica. >> road crews were out early this morning in d.c., maryland and v
is recognized. mr. farenthold: thank you, very much. as the gentleman from virginia and the gentleman from maryland have pointed out, this is common sense, good government bill that has strong national security implication. and i'm going to urge to -- i'm going to urge all my colleagues to support it. again, even though it was included in the omnibus that's coming through, that's one year, this creates permanent law where we continue to do this necessary and appropriate oversight at a fraction of a percent of cost to the budget. absolutely a phenomenal bill that we all need to get behind and support. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back the balance of his time. the gentleman from maryland. mr. cummings: i yield myself such time as i may consume as i close. mr. speaker, i take this moment mr. lynch and certainly our chairman, chairman issa for this bipartisan effort. it just makes sense. there are certain things that happen that we see in government that need correcting. and this is one of those things. and the fact that we have now put a spotlight on it and through a bipartis
virginia from fredericksburg over to culpeper and parts of fauquier county, around warrenton. and the farther north and west, afternoon highs should be making it into the upper 40s. and mid 40s for highs northern shenandoah valley, panhandle of west virginia, western maryland, and around the bay, afternoon highs should be around 50 degrees. then, yes, snow is likely tomorrow. how much? it does look like around the metro area, we could get two to five inches of snow. and one to three inches farther south and east of the metro area. and farther north and west, though, i think the dark blue zone, there's a pretty good chance, three to six inches of snow, the timing on this beginning maybe mid morning tomorrow. perhaps around just after dawn, all the way into sunset on tuesday. northern montgomery county, northern fairfax, leesburg, loudoun county west and north, three to six inches of snow tomorrow. danella, checking on the roadways on this monday. good morning. >>> that's right. good morning. still tracking breaking news. a couple of roads shut down. first we'll start with an a
. calvert and st. mary schools are closed today. >> in virginia, fairfax, loudoun, prince william county schools. arlington county and alexandria will open two hours late. falls chur falls church city schools will open two hours late. >> in virginia, clarke, focus, frederick, king george, and warren schools are closed. the same for winchester, fredericksburg, and shenandoah county. >> in west virginia, berkeley, hampshire, jefferson, and morgan county schools are closed. hardy county schools will open two hours late. if you missed one or didn't see your school listed, a complete list is at the bottom of the screen and on >>> 4:31. time for weather & traffic on the 1s. let's get the latest on this deep freeze with storm team 4 meteorologist amelia seigel. good morning. >> good morning. our temperatures are going to remain below freezing. 32 degrees until saturday. this morning, bundle up. be cautious for black ice. what happened yesterday with all of the sunshine, we did have melting during the day. and that melting quickly refroze overnight. so again, this morning espe
, the pilot guided officers on the ground straight to that woman and it saved her life. >>> virginia state senator creigh deeds scarred physically and emotionally now talking about the day his son attack him and then killed himself. deeds talks about the attack of what he says is a critical failure in mental healthcare. >> i really don't want gus to be defined by his illness. i don't want gus to be defined by what happened on the 19th. gus was a great kid. he was a perfect son. it's clear the system failed. it's clear that failed gus. it killed gus. >> reporter: gus deeds was a talented musician, on the dean's list at the college of william & mary, but after he turned 21 he became delusional and was diagnosed as bipolar. last november his father was worried that gus would kill himself. so deeds got a court order and sheriff's deputies to take gus to an emergency room. there calls went out to find an open bed in a psychiatric hospital. because of a state law designed to protect patients, that court order would expire in six hours. >> if you didn't find a hospital bed in six hours, gus was
central virginia, in the mid 40s. mid 40s central shenandoah valley. even into the 50s parts of west virginia now. but then during the afternoon, cold winds begin to move in. and we will have windchills plunging. look, by 4:00 this afternoon, windchills will be down into the teens. winds gusting around 30 miles per hour. then a frigid nationwide coming up. by 8:00 p.m., windchills down to just near ten degrees. and look at our windchills by this time tomorrow morning. they will be sub-zero starting off tuesday morning. so a very frigid tuesday is on tap for us tomorrow. we'll have morning lows just near eight degrees. afternoon highs on tuesday, only in the upper teens with a blustery wind. in a few minutes we'll look at the rest of the week and a warmup on the way. danella? >> good morning. not seeing any reports of accidents in our area. we'll head up to i-270. clear here. the trip from frederick, maryland, heading down to rockville, in both directions, light volume. this is at 109. again, southbound, northbound, no accidents, no delays. continuing this time as you make your way pa
, senator joe manchin, a democrat from west virginia, and senator john hoeven, a democrat from north dakota, on this eve of the state of the union, is there any hope for action? tonight on "crossfire." >>> welcome to "crossfire." i'm newt gingrich on the right. >> and i'm van jones on the left. in the crossfire tonight we've got two u.s. senators who also happen to be former governors. they know a little bit about how to get things done and so does president obama. and that's why tomorrow during the state of the union, the president's going to make it clear to everybody, if republicans keep blocking everything that's good, the president's going to use his executive pen and help america anyway. and i say, it's about time. can you imagine having a co-worker on your job who sabotages you every single day? now, you try to scale back your own ideas, try to accommodate him and he go, well, you're feeling delete. then he torpedoes his own ideas. finally you just say forget it, i'm going to solve these problems on my own. now she says, you're a dictator. does this sound familiar? at some point, you
threatening injuries. >>> virginia state senator, creigh deeds opens up on 60 minutes telling that heart wrenching story about his son's attack and then suicide. peggy fox tells us, deeds is hoping his son's tragedy will lead to changes in the mental health system. >> gus was a great kid. perfect son. you know, it's clear the system failed. it's clear that failed gus. it killed gus. >> in his first on camera interview about what happened to his son, gus, senator creigh deeds talked to scott pelley of 60 minutes. >> if he could have been hospitalized, that could have got him medicated and some sort of long-term care. >> gus deeds was a talented musician and on the dean's list. but soon after that, gus stopped taking care of himself. he became paranoid, obsessive and antisocial. he dropped out of college. in 2011, he was diagnosed as bipolar. at their rural farmhouse, senator deeds got rid of all their guns, instead of one hunting rifle that wasn't loaded. later with medication, gus returned to william and mary until last fall. he came home, but didn't want treatment. deeds had to get a co
. turning on the tap. water is flowing again in some parts of west virginia, but fear still exists. pressuring points, first the bridge now the storm. the new question surrounding chris christie. this time over superstorm sandy funding. >>> store insecurity, target may be just the tip of the iceberg in a holiday hacking spree. is enough being done? plus french connection the country's president, aledged affair, and the first girlfriend in the hospital. ♪ >>> tonight some people in west virginia can turn on their taps again. officials say the water supply is now safe. five days after a msz if chemical leak that left the water undrinkable, even untouchable for 300,000 people. jonathan has more. >> john, the state of emergency was lifted early this afternoon, the governor telling some 300,000 residents that the water is now safe. they are allowing the people to turn on their taps in phases. so some 15,000 have been told they can turn on the tap. the first priority has been to hospitals like the one behind me. they have been using big tankers over the last few days, and things are no
a chemical spill in the elk river that contaminates the water supply of west virginia's capital, will go to charleston to speak with renowned environmentalist erin brockovich who held a town hall meeting last night and shared her lessons from winning a legal battle against pacific gas & electric in california when they polluted her city's water supply. millions of americans are on the edge of a hunger cliff as republicans push for cuts to food stamps and unemployment benefits. >> politics? what's that? you an ronald reagan campaigning in 1980 and complaining about welfare queens. race on doesn't mention its surface. >> we will speak with professor ian haney lopez, author of the new book, "dog whistle politics: how coded racial appeals have reinvented racism & wrecked the middle class." all of that and more coming up. this is democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. more than 200 south sudanese civilians have drowned in the white now river while attending to flee violence. an army spokesperson told afp as many as 300 people died in the accide
is being done to get the roads ready. more than 4,000 trucks are rolling out in virginia. news4 transportation reporter adam tuss has the latest where stores and gas stations have been seeing the rush. adam? >> here we go, jim. the road crews are gearing up, and certainly talking about how this is significant, and the treatment has started on the roads, and yes, long lines as people get what they need. >> reporter: at the costco in fairfax sh fairfax, there were a few cars in line making sure they were topped off. >> this is pretty busy, but there is already several cars he here. >> reporter: and this seems especially long. >> well, this is long. >> reporter: and ahead of the possibility off a winter storm, many taking nit stride. >> and now i'm really, really scared, because i have a lot to do and planned for tomorrow. >> and you seem frightened? >> yes, i am scared. everybody is scared around here when we get snow, a nd you know that. >> and what do we have some weather event coming tomorrow? take a look at the line for gast at costco. and the line is usually pretty long, but
. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >>> in 2012, then governor bob mcdonnell of virginia gave a speech where he got pretty sentimental about something. >> the virginia way. it's something we all talk about a lot. it's something that all the governors before me and all the great work that you know that they did, that they recounted for you, that they did, have all embraced. it's been a tradition of civility and cooperation that's been alive now for two centuries in virginia. >> the virginia way, alive for two centuries until he killed it by becoming the first governor in that state's history to be indicted on corruption charges. how the virginia way actually enabled him up next. >>> there are two kinds of states in this great republic of ours, states where a sitting or former governor has been indicted and states that have never had a governor indicted. take the state of illinois, my former home, for instance. where governors have a pretty high propensity for breaking the law. since 1960, they have elected nine governors, five have been convicted. with rod blagojevich serving a
today. news4's megan mcgrath is live in ashburn, virginia, and she has more on the icy impact on all of us. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, barbara. yeah, we're still seeing ice in some of the neighborhoods. not so much on the main roads but on the neighborhood streets, take a look, on small branch place in ashburn. and this froze solid overnight. it didn't get plowed up, and now it's really, really slippery. we are also seeing another impact. look at all of the kids that we have in this neighborhood. the kids, the dogs, they've been building snow forts. a little while ago, they were actually sledding, and the dogs are even joining in. they're grabbing some of the snowballs and having a grand ole time. this is because loudon county public schools are closed because of the snow. closed not just today, but for the rest of the week. they just want a little extra time to get their maintenance crews out there, to continue cleaning up the sidewalks, the parking lots and everything, so that it's safe for when the kids return to class on monday. in loudon county, folks are chipping
shore perhaps. let's go to virginia. former governor don mcdonald and his wife, maureen, are potentially facing decades in jail for accepting gifts for political favors. yesterday they were indicted on more than a dozen charges. this man, jonnie williams, it's alleged the former governor and first lady accepted more than $150,000 in cash and gifts ranging from golf equipment to private plane rides. the list goes on to include shopping sprees formore morine $15,000 for their daughter's graduation, a ferrari, a $6,500 rolex engraved watch, engraved with "71st governor of virginia." in return, mcdonnell is accused of using the power of his office by attending events to boost the company's credibility and he used the governor's mansion for a launch party for a pill not approved by the fda. >> while i deeply regret accepting these legal gifts and loans from mr. williams, all of these have been returned or repaid with interest. i have apologized for my poor judgment and i accept full responsibility for accepting these legal gifts and loan. however, i repeat again emphatically that i did nothi
a commonwealth that will deliver those results in a manner worthy of the virginia way. [cheers and applause] the impediments to consensus are well known. ideology, personal political ambition, partisanship, or score settling. identifying the roadblocks is not a challenge. what is hard is having the humility to admit that each of us has allowed these impediments to influence our decisions, and even more challenging is having the foresight to put them aside for the greater good. as i said on election night, the test of my commitment to finding common ground in virginia will not be a speech at an inauguration. it will be my actions in office. i suspect those who did not support me in the member to hold a two-mile word. no one was served as an elected official can look back and wish that they had been more rigid, more ideological, or more partisan, and long after giving up elected office, describing himself as "near the end of my voyage congo thomas jefferson -- my voyage," thomas jefferson wrote it requires much compromise of opinion. [cheers and applause] mr. speaker, delegates, and senators,
to navigate the roads in northern virginia. greg, where are you? you look like you are near dulles now. >> reporter: i am not only near dulles, i'm at dulles airport and as i carefully drive around the arrivals, rather the departure area, it looks more like an airport that you would expect to see at least the weather conditions, in alaska, perhaps. very cold, winds judging by the flags that are blowing, probably 25 to 30 miles an hour. the roads, as you access access dulles road. as you can see, the plows came through here about 15 minutes ago and already the surface is white. and here's what happened, what i've noticed at least. the last 15, 20 minutes, is that the winds, the temperatures lowering, we are down to 21 degrees on the thermometer and the winds are turning what slush was out there all day today to ice. and as i look around, people getting on a plane, imagine folks coming back from a warm destination like florida, maybe the sowhat have you. international travelers, of course, here at dulles international airport. they depart the jet. they take the train. they take the trai
'm jim handley, and the big breaking news out of virginia, former governor bob mcdonnell and his wife have been indicted in federal court. mcdonnell maintained he did nothing wrong when he accepted gifts from the coo of scientific, and scott just got his hands on the indictment, and the charges are spelled out. we will get to him at the live desk in a few moments, but right now, the weather, and the frigid temperatures in the washington region, with the snow falling at the rate of an inch per hour, and we could get up to eight inches when all is said and done. >> and that is not all, bitterly cold air is moving in on us and we have complete team coverage here. >> we are blanketing the region, and much like the white stuff is out there, and so how much snow on the ground, v.j.? >> well, quite a bit. ok at the amounts. westminster is 7 inches, and fredrick, maryland, 7 inches, and columbia and howard also 3 inches, and so it the pocket north and west of d.c. where we are really seeing the snow coming down hard. talking about it outside now, and the temperatures of the conditions out the
of the republican party. four years ago, this week, chris christie in new jersey and bob mcdonnell of virginia took the oaths of office to become the governors of their respective states. and in doing so, assumed the positions as the best candidates to lead the republican party out of one of its darkest periods. it was just a year after president obama had taken his oath of office, president barack hussein obama of jeremiah wright fame, of palling around with terrorist fame, the first black, possibly muslim, possibly socialist president, who had kicked the republican butts in 2009, left them wondering why america had abandoned them. and if they could ever win again. so here with these two men, different as could be, one from the north, one from the south, one a real christian conservative hard charger, the other a classic northeastern straight-talking moderate republican. both rising stars in the party, one asked to deliver the republican response to the state of the union a couple weeks later. the other, already being talked about for a presidential run, asked to deliver the keynote address at the
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